World Jewish Relief Visit’s Putti

A First Commercial Agriculture Project for Putti

Much of the land recently bought by PVAO, with self sufficiency for Putti in mind, is now being used for farming and growing of crops, and they have help! In January of this year, the WJR, a charity out of the UK, set up and started funding an agriculture project to help the people of Putti. Last week they visited Putti in order to see how much progress has been made on the project.

Kahal Kadosh She’rit Yisrael, working with World Jewish Relief

World Jewish Relief Agriculture ProjectThis is a first commercial agriculture project for Putti, and is being run by the KKSY (Kahal Kadosh She’rit Yisrael) members. The workers have been divided up into teams. A Trainer heads up each team, and with hard working trainers such as Daniel and Fred, these they are succeeding! Each worker will receive a fair reward for their hard work. 
Currently, they are growing 4 different crops, including onions and water melons. When the crops are ready for harvesting, in a few months time, they will then be sold for profit, to local shops, hotels and other villages. The profits will be divided up to pay for more crops to be planted and to pay the workers a % of the profit they make! 
During the current planting season and the next, they are being taught about agriculture by a local professional agronomist, who are helping to over-see this wonderful project. 
World Jewish Relief Agriculture Project
Over the last five or so years, due to the relationship between Ros Eisen, the PVAO London based Member of the charity and World Jewish Relief, Wjr took the major decision to actually work on a Project with Putti/KKSY, rather than just stepping in with emergency support, as and when.  Previously, Wjr had sent funds to Putti on a few occasions when there was either a famine crisis or, a severe drought. 
PVAO are hoping that Wjr will continue to support Putti for years to comeThe aim of both PVAO and Wjr is that this Orthodox Jewish Community, located near the big town of Mbale in Uganda, will eventually become self sufficient.