Visit to Putti

Summing up the  recent visit  to the Putti/KKSY Jewish Community, Ros Eisen said ‘it was an outstanding, simply amazing, visit’, so much was achieved in just a few  short days.
 For the duration of their visit Sjimon den Hollander (PVAO Chairman)  his wife Suzanne, and Ros Eisen (PVAO Secretary), were accompanied by Ekaterina Mitiaev, Head of Impact and Livelihoods for World Jewish Relief (Wjr) a UK based charity.
Ekaterina is in charge of the current agricultural project which, thus far, has exceeded our wildest expectations. Ekaterina held a one day workshop regarding agriculture and the ongoing realistic future for the KKSY Community.
 Both men and women participated, in total 30 KKSY members attended, lunch was provided + lots and lots of input by Ekaterina, who is a dynamic individual. PVAO are lucky to have her ‘on board’. A great exhausting day was had by all.
Sjimon and Ros also very much enjoyed meeting the students at the Joy school and subsequently receiving regular communications from them.
This connection has already earmarked which students might potentially become new Putti/KKSY Leaders. Being able to now put a face to a name makes the world of difference.
Currently, PVAO are in the process of placing their first order for 100 pakcs of Afripads sanitary ware for the women and girls, for them that will be life changing. PVAO are so happy to work closely with the Putti Womens Group (PWG). Now they too have a ‘voice’ in the Community’s affairs.
After our visit, PVAO realize that it would be important to find a qualified local nurse, who could visit the PWG say 3 or 4 times a year. The nurse would give must needed advice, on health, hygiene, birth control, diet and so on. We are looking to find the right person for the job! Hopefully we will be able to do that fairly soon.
Sjimon whilst in Putti  presided over the Shabbat Services. He gave a talk on Judaism followed by  questions and answers, put to him by the Congregation. Those who attended this Service were treated to a wonderful lunch afterwards, where the conversation, about Judaism in particular, continued long into the afternoon.
Sjimon and Suzanne also participated in the Tisha B’Av (the saddest day on the Jewish calendar)evening Service held in the small KKSY synagogue.
The following day was a fast day and sadly, the day PVAO headed back home.
A return visit is planned for next year.