The latest from the village!

Time for an update!  There are many things to report.

But let me first start with one urgent issue that requires our most immediate attention….!

Do you remember little Akiva Galandi?
The young boy that is suffering from Sickle Cell Syndrome?

Here is his photo:

Akiva Medical Fundraiser

Perhaps you remember that a generous family offered to pay monthly for his medicines and we can report that Akiva is doing great!!!  He is no more ridden with pain, he can go to school now, play ball with his friends and his family couldn’t be happier with how he is doing!

However, something dramatic happened recently to Akiva and his family.

A few weeks ago, an unusually strong storm raged over the region and blew off the Galandi family’s roof which also damaged part of the walls of the house.  Thank God, the children, who were sleeping when it happened, are unharmed, but this means the family is now without their home as the house is uninhabitable in its current state.


Below you can see some photos of the house and the Galandi family:

Putti Village Damaged Roof

Here is Moshe Galandi in front of his house. The damaged roof  and parts of the walls are clearly visible in the photo.

the Galandi family






And here is the Galandi family:

Mother Norah is holding her baby boy Tzion. In front of her is little Akiva. To the right of father Moshe stands his oldest son Israel. The girl standing on the far right is an orphan that is taken care of by  the family, also called Norah.

The situation is not good….
The family now sleeps in an old house that used to be abandoned. In order to fix the house, we need about $800. We urgently ask you, if you feel that the Galandi family should have their own roof above their heads, to please help us help them out.  You can send a check to:

Putti Village Assistance Org. 21 East 22nd Street, 12G New York, NY 10010 (Earmarked as: ‘Galandi House’)






Innovation AfricaOn a good note, PVAO was able to solve an immediate water shortage that had occurred in Putti. The well was not giving more than a drop of water and about 1,500 people were now dependent on unhealthy water from the river.

Thankfully, PVAO was able to team up with a very successful Israeli-based organization  called “Innovation Africa”,  and as a result the water supply is again restored for the entire community!!!!



Putti StudentsPVAO is looking for people who want to be on board.

Specifically we need someone  who would be willing to: Oversee our EDUCATIONAL projects

Furthermore we are hoping to find someone to:
Oversee AGRICULTURAL projects, including a possibly upcoming Beekeeping project.

Putti Agriculture







Ask if your synagogue is interested in doing a fundraiser for Putti. PVAO could organize an informative slideshow lecture, with a live performance featuring Rachman Nachman from the Jewish community of Uganda and great musicians!
Your community would have an unforgettable evening!!!

Email Sjimon den Hollander at:

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support for the people of Putti!