Sanitary Ware in Putti


In July, PVAO Members, Sjimon den Hollander (Chairman) and Ros Eisen visited the Jewish KKSY Community in Putti. Ros was approached by a group of ladies who asked if they could speak to her ‘in private’! During this conversation, they told Ros they would really like to have proper sanitary ware as they are currently just using old rags for protection, during their menstruation, since that is all they can afford.

The rags are most unhygienic, difficult to manage and difficult to dispose of.
Apart from that, several women experienced vaginal infections due to not having the facility to wear clean sanitary ware protection.

Ros put her thinking cap on and came up with the perfect solution,
AFRIPADS Menstrual Kits.

AfriPadsThese pads are reusable sanitary pads, designed to provide superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. The pads themselves are made in Uganda from high-performance textiles and provide effective protection for at least 12+ months (menstrual cycles), they can be withstand up to 70 washes.

Afripads are a perfect cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.
The design itself is an ‘all in one’ pad that buttons securely into a pair of knickers. After use, the pad folds conveniently for easy storage before washing. The pad is ultra-absorbent, natural, discreet and unscented.

Ros looked at various options that are on the market and suggests that the Afripads 4 pack, is the best.
The kit contains 3 pads for a medium flow + 1 pad for a heavy flow. Each kit is wrapped in a blue wrapper, see photo herewith, it is very economical.
The cost for each 4 pad kit is only $4.50 and that price includes delivery to the Putti Community’s nearest big town of Mbale.

In addition to giving them to the women in the Community, Ros met several young girls who are currently attending the local Joy school (education being paid for by PVAO). These girls asked Ros, in a rather embarrassed voice, if they might also be given some safe clean sanitary ware?


PVAO has raised the $450 in order to place a minimum quantity order with Afripads, buying 100 kits, enough to give one kit to each woman! Thank you to all who donated to make this possible for the women of Putti!