PVAO Came To The Rescue!

The KKSY community were devastated when just before Shavout, their simple little synagogue collapsed following extremely strong winds and heavy rain. PVAO came to the rescue!
Within a matter of days, funds were raised and people were brainstorming what to do.
Rabbi Sjimon den Hollander, the PVAO Chairman, together with Joel Beattie one of the PVAO members, came up with a solution.
 They drew up plans and asked local builders to suggest ways of rebuilding a structure would would stand for a least the next five years. One important change would be that the new building would be supported this time, by metal poles instead of wooden ones, which the termites eat their way thru.
Funds were raised from PVAO members themselves, as well as from within KKSY community. Others who heard thru social media of the need to rebuild a place to pray, as soon as possible, and were generous and happy to donate towards.
Currently, the new secure structure, which took about three weeks to build, is almost finished….well in time for Rosh Hashanah.
All we need now is a solar panel, any offers greatly accepted! and to find some additional funding to buy suitable chairs. The building will also double up as a library, a meeting place and a classroom.
Over the next few years, PVAO have plans to build a permanent Sephardi synagogue close to where the KKSY members live. Plans are now being drawn up and costings worked out.


 Check out the video of the construction of the new temporary Synagogue: