Phones for Putti

We are looking for 2 smart phones for the community of Putti.

Cell Phones for PuttiWe are looking for phones or donations toward phones for the community of Putti. The women of Putti are wanting to start community groups, and steady internet access is hard to come by. Having smart phones on hand will greatly aid in these groups in several ways. They will allow the women who can not read or write english and do not have steady internet access to communicate by leaving voice notes, as well as being able to communicate to each other as often their nearest neighbors are very far apart. Communication with PVAO, their main source of fund-raising, is also a great necessity that having phones could make much easier. They could send us much needed regular messages on what is going on within their village and what is happening with all the projects we are working on for Putti. In addition, they would be able to send us up to the minute photos of building works, harvest planting etc. We would also be able to monitor and support each student that we support more closely if we could easily communicate with them. Currently, the nearest internet facility is some 45mins away by car.  That facility charges for internet use, so for most Puttis just getting there is  a big problem, let alone paying internet costs which is not within their means.

Communication makes life easier!

By having phones, their lives would be made that much easier and they and PVAO could keep in much closer regular contact. Phones that have a camera facility would be even better!!! For instance, if a child or adult, developed a skin rash, they could send us a photo of the rash, then by forwarding this photo on to a doctor he or she, would look at the rash, then diagnose proper treatment. Also say whether or not it is contagious. If a Putti building suffered damage due to adverse weather, very common in this part of Uganda,  by sending us a photo PVAO we would know and advise on repairs, and fund raise to fund the repairs etc. Photos they take could also be used to update our PVAO/Putti website readers.

Can you help?

OUR AIM IS TO HAVE TEN PHONES at least 5 of which should have a camera facility. Donate today and help ease the communication barrier for the people of Putti. Do you have a phone you can donate? Contact us today for more details on how to donate your phone.