New Experiences – Most Historical Day in My Life!

Our first week in Israel had us exposed to strange and good things that we have never been into before. We experienced the new and strange cold weather which was only 5 degrees Celsius and had  new food, such as salads, meat, new fruits that isn’t found in our village of Putti. Thursday night, we were served pizza for Dinah. I liked it very much that I can now crave for it. I ate four pieces and kept some that I ate the next morning because the Yeshivah does not have classes on Friday so they do not provide lunch. Evening of our first Shabbat in Israel, we went to Rabbi Ari Greenspan’s house for Dinah. We met his friend , Mr. Baruch with whom they discovered the natural blue ink from a sea shell which they now use to make Techelet for tzitzit. In the morning after prayers, we all moved into Rabbi Riskins house for Shabbath lunch. It was such a beautiful Shabbath  for us! The following Shabbath ( Shmot) we were invited into Tikoa where our teacher , Rav Menachem Wainberg lives. He has a very nice family of four children who are good singers. We had too much fun with his children singing both Ugandan and Israeli Shabbat songs. It was very amazing Shabbat for us. He took us around the village and we were able to view the mountains of Moab. Glad to be here that we can see these holy sites that are written in the Tanach.

We are impressed with how the transport system works here in that you can get a lift from one place to another at zero price. I am so proud to be in a Jewish society like this one. We have invitations every week for a Shabbat meal.  The people here are very friendly. We like the care and hospitality that everyone shows to us.

New ExperiencesLast Sunday ,we (Yeshivat Torat Yosef Hamivtar) went on a tour of the old city of Jerusalem led by Rav Yair Spitz and Rav Menachem Weinberg. Our first stop was to see where the Old City wall of Yerushalayim was during both the first and second temples. Then we moved on towards the “Kardo” where Rav Yair explained to us the layout of Yerushalayim under Roman rule. We took a spiritual break at Beit Knesset HaRamban for mincha, niggunim, and a shiur on Iggeret Haramban by Rav Menachem. Afterwards, we had a guided tour to the recently rebuilt Hurva Synagogue and even saw the discovered mikvaot found underneath the building. Our same guide then showed us around the Kotel Tunnel and we were able to see the newly found rooms discovered only three months ago. As well we had a peek at the shul built opposite the Holy of Hollies. Finally we davened Ma’ariv at the Kotel and headed back home from an exciting tiyul in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. This was the most memorable and Historical day in my life. We had heard stories about the Temple before. Therefore, it was a very special day for me and I pray that my people in Uganda should also get a chance to move here and see how the Western wall was built. Baruch Hashem for bringing me here.

I will be back with more stories. Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate.