Looking Forward to Seeing Snow For the First Time…

Shalom Everyone,


Once again, I am very sorry for taking  long to update you about our experiences in Israel. Today I am happy to bring you a tip about our studies in this wonderful yeshiva ever since we came, nearly one and a half month ago! Upon our arrival here, Rabbi Riskin had a special speech, addressed to his students about our Jewish History and how he managed to find us in a very remote village of Putti! The following day, we walk up early for morning minyan and later we were introduced to the Rosh Yeshiva -Rav Yoni who also introduced us to our new teachers. That is Rav Menachem and Rav Yosef. We were very happy meet these wonderful knowledgeable Jewish teachers. Rav Manachem Weinberg conducted our first  session( Shiur) in Israel  that morning,then, we had another session  by Rav Yosef in the afternoon. Since then, these two scholars have maintained their teaching time table to us from Sunday – Thursday every week. We haveother extra sessions some days during the week by Rav Spitz and Rav Yoni about the Weekly Parasha and Rashi and other commentator on the Torah. One may ask if Rav Riskin is part of our Yeshivah teachers. The answer is yes except that he has a big responsibility of running many Yeshiva programs under Ohr Torah Stone so he travels a lot and so he is only able to conduct one general Shiur( class) once in a week. His teachings are inspirational and so every students loves him most.
I am glad to inform you that,during the short time we have been in this Yeshiva, we has manged to learn new concepts such as Hebrew vocabularies, Koshurut, daily teffilot and above all we have learnt the general duty of a religious leader of a community and we hope to learn more so we can bring back with us the knowledge to Putti which will help us to influence our members to do good as Hashem desires.


Last week on Tuesday, Tarphon and I was taken to an eye doctor in Jerusalem following Tarphon’s eye problem. Although I did not have any complains before, we were all checked, a sign which indicates how much this Yeshivah care about our health. The results showed that Tarphon had a simple problem which they manged to fix. It was very funny to me when Tarphon said he was unable to see for couple hour as he was scared he would loose his sight for ever. I kept telling him to be strong and not to worry about it.
Looking ForwardThank you so much for all your tremendous support. We are very happy to be here and hope our learning will be of much spiritual,moral and physical development to our Village of Putti.
We are looking forward to seeing Snow for the first time (Beezeret Hashem) tomorrow as many friend here have told us and I will be back with more stories.


Love you all,
Shabbat Shalom,