KKSY Soccer Team

All your support is needed!

Now KKSY – Jewish Community has a strong football team! They have been invited to participate in Mbale municipality football challenge!
” As yet we don’t have a permanent field to play on, we train whenever we find there is space for us. We are playing different teams. KKSY has been chosen as the best Abayudaya team. Erisha and I were invited to speak on a radio sport show, we talked about our community, we had really good comments from the public. We have two uniforms, one blue and one green. Our captain is Segendo Avrahm. We are playing against Mbale hi5, Nkoma f.c and Mbale Progressive and Islamic university of Uganda f.c. (f.c. = football club). If anyone can offer us some help it would mean so much. We urgently need training and additional equipment like footballs, football shoes, whistles, goal nets. We need to have use of an established football field facility. Our aim is to give our youth the opportunity to play and compete. In the Jewish communities (Abayudaya), we are the first to establish a football team.”
-Tarphon the KKSY Chairman
Anyone that can help should contact PVAO or, donate directly on line via www.puttivillage.org marking their donation as Football aid.