KKSY Giving a Helping Hand

“Behalf of the Buseta community”

Firstly and foremost, it is like a miracle to earn 6millions in our community, the profit we made from Agriculture we bought school needs for our children and students, other money has been shared among the community members who participated in project, little has been saved  and every one is happy about this project.
Secondly,KKSY and WORLD JEWISH RELIEF are showing us development and bright future because we couldn’t believe to such profit we made from Agriculture.
Thirdly, KKSY is a real ,loving and religious community to corparate with, it  looks after other communities for development and they are not opportunist community . we as  buseta Jewish community we believe in KKSY and we would love to subscribe to it.
special thanks to  Ekaterina and every party involved in supporting my community.
Joseph Takani.