KKSY give a helping hand to the Ugandan Jewish communities of Busete and Nalubebe

The Partnership

   The community of Busete numbering 130 people, and the community of Nalubebe numbering 100 people, have been given a helping hand. Through World Jewish Relief’s  (Wjr) efforts and with the help of the KKSY Leaders, KKSY are partnering up with both of these very poor, little known Jewish communities, who are located about 30 minutes by road from one another.


Thus far, the partnering is mainly focused on agriculture.

   KKSY are helping these people by showing them some modern agriculture training techniques.
Currently these two communities, like that of KKSY, have successfully been growing water melons.
Erisha Ziraba is head of the KKSY agriculture project.


In the near future, both Busete and Nalubebe will learn how to also grow green peppers.

   There seems to be a good nearby market for these locally grown water melons and green peppers.
KKSY have managed to sell everything they grew this season, as they did in the two growing seasons previously.  The unexpected very heavy rains, earlier in the year, played havoc with the planting but even in spite of this, KKSY harvested fairly good sized crops.
   All the communities now need to learn how to direct heavy rain water into drains, then vessels that can be stored, so that when the dry season comes, they will be able to access this water and use it for irrigation purposes.


Always under the watchful eye of Wjr, their future looks really promising.

   Busete and Nalubebe are Jewish communities who have reached out to the KKSY Sephardi community and have asked to be included in their orthodox practices. It is even hoped that one day, they might become part of the KKSY orthodox community itself.
Kamya Tarphon, the Chairman of KKSY today said, “It is all looking very positive, I think we shall become one big community as we are empowering ourselves economically and religiously.”