Happy Hannukka

We want to say thank you, dear PVAO supporters!!!

Happy Hannukka from Putti Village

Photo by Laura Di Castro Photography

This year, thanks to your support, PVAO was able to help the people of Putti on many levels:

Thanks to you, people with medical emergencies could get treatment.

Thanks to you, the people from Putti received dental care.

Thanks to you, children attended High School and several students could attend college or learn a trade.

Thanks to you, we built a Shabbat Sleepover House where visitors are welcome to stay over on Shabbat and other religious Holidays.

Thanks to you, a family’s home was repaired.
Thanks to you, the water supply to the village was restored.
Thanks to you, the people from Putti improved their food supply.
Because of your support, the community of Putti knows they are not alone….!

GOOD NEWS about the Galandi Family’s Home

Putti Village Damaged Roof

Because of several generous donations, the Galandi family’s home, which was destroyed in a storm has reportedly been rebuilt!!!
On behalf of Moshe Galandi and his family, thank you very much to all the donors!

We hope to provide a photo of the restored house in our next Newsletter…!


For those of you living in the Netherlands (or Belgium), our chairman, Sjimon den Hollander will give a lecture on PVAO, the history of the Putti community, and our ongoing projects on: Sunday, January 8 2017 at 14:00 (2PM)

The address of the event is:

Pastoral Center “De Ark”
Olijfgaarde 12
3343 DE Hendrik‐Ido‐Ambacht


  • Amazon Smile
    • If you shop at Amazon, there is a wonderful way to support Putti without any extra costs! First register Putti Village Assistance Organization as your charity of choice, using this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/26‐1253778
      Then, each time you shop with Amazon, log into Amazon Smile (https://smile.amazon.com) When you shop, Amazon will allocate a small percentage of the money you spend to PVAO!!!
  • Sponsor a Student
    • sponsor a studentProviding education to a student is no less than giving him/her a future. You can sponsor a High School student for only $45 a month.
      To sponsor a College student is $175 a month
  • Buy a PVAO Calendar
    • You can order our beautiful calendars by contacting Heather at: heather@chasenw.com. Calendars are $15 each (excluding shipping outside the USA)
  • Have a PVAO event in your Community
    • Ask if your synagogue is interested in doing a fundraiser for Putti, PVAO could organize an informative slideshow lecture, with a live performance featuring Rachman Nachman from the Jewish community of Uganda and great musicians!
      Your community would have an unforgettable evening!!!
      Email Sjimon den Hollander at: Sjimon@flatironre.com
  • Make A Donation
    • You can send a check to: Putti Village Assistance Org. 21 East 22nd Street, 12G New York, NY 10010
  • Become Involved
    • PVAO is looking for capable volunteers who want to be on board.
      Specifically we need someone who would be willing to oversee our EDUCATIONAL projects. We expect that this would constitute about one to two hours of your time per week, on average.

    putti students

    In Short…….

    Putti Village Assistance Org (PVAO) thanks you for your support.

    PVAO wants to say a big thank you for helping us, to help the Putti Jewish Community (KKSY) in Uganda.

    Because of people like you, our charity has been able to offer the Puttians, clean, fresh running water, education at all levels, much needed medical and dental aid and other essentials such as funds to repair damaged homes. This year we built a Shabbat Sleepover House where visitors are welcome to stay over on Shabbat and other religious Holidays.

    None of our achievements would have been possible without you!!!

    Tarphon Kamya and Erisha ZirabaPVAO would also like to thank all the Putti Leaders, giving a special mention to Tarphon Kamya (Chairman) and Erisha Ziraba, for their tireless contribution to their Community.

    Happy Hanukka to one and all

    Happy Hanukka to one and all

    Sjimon den Hollander, PVAO Chairman
    Ros Eisen, Secretary and U.K. representative

    Sjimon den Hollander and Ros Eisen