Great Leadership And Compassion Shown During A Time Of Need


Recently the town of Mbale located close to the KKSY community, suffered extreme flooding.
People were left homeless, no electricity nor clean water,  schools and offices were closed. Transport came to a halt. The local hospital doctors did what they could with their very limited stock of medicines.


Tarphon Kamya the Head of *Jewish Response Africa (JRU) and the former Chairman on the KKSY Community, decided he had to do something to help those who were suffering the most. To that end, PVAO sent $500 to be used in the best way possible to support the homeless and hungry. With the PVAO donation, Tarphon bought food, blankets, clean drinking water and medicines.  World Jewish Relief in U.K. also contributed greatly towards the plight of those caught up in the disaster.


The Namatala Ward Local Government Council of Mbale were extremely thankful for the help provided. Tarphon on behalf of JRU, has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, by way of saying a big thank you to him, his community and PVAO .


See the two photos, the man on the right is Tarphon Kamya.



PVAO are so proud of Tarphon who showed true leadership and compassion at a time when was most needed.


JRU is an NGO set up by World Jewish Relief. The NGO is responsible for the agriculture side of the KKSY community. PVAO are proud to call themselves a partner of World Jewish Relief.