First Ever Bumper Crop!

This year is the first ever bumper crop, commercially produced by the people in our village.

Due to the relationship built over the last few years between Ros Eisen, London based Secretary of USA registered charity Putti Village Assistance Org (PVAO), and World Jewish Relief. Wjr made a decision to initiate an agriculture Project with the orthodox Kahal Kadosh Sh’erit Yisrael (KKSY) Community in Putti Village.  Previously, Wjr limited involvement was to provide funds to support the KKSY Puttis during severe famine times. This year, Wjr took the view that they did not want to only help in times of crisis but instead, wanted to take the opportunity of helping them to become self sufficient, thereby changing the Puttis lives forever.
The plan unfolded in such a way that PVAO bought up local agricultural land, in and around the Putti village. Wjr worked out how many villagers would be needed to work on the land. They (Wjr), then set about, with the help of Ros Eisen, engaging a local Ugandan agronomist to train those involved. It was decided that initially they should grow 4 different crops. The crops selected were not mainstream, therefore could command a higher price at the point of sale. The first crops were planted in February. Now ready for picking are the water-melons, soon after onions, peppers and tomatoes will follow. They will be sold to shop-keepers located in the nearby big trading town of Mbale. Hotels and restaurants in the area, have also shown a keen interest in buying from the Puttis!
All those involved in working the land will each be given a small salary, a proportion of the profits made. This figure will depend on the amount of hours each man or woman, has worked. Wjr, together with their Rwandan based agronomist, visited Putti in April, they where delighted to find how enthusiastic the villagers were about starting this new farming business, so much so, that they have made a commitment to continue working hand in hand with both PVAO and KKSY Puttis, for at least another year.
 Ros and Wjr are planning to go back to Putti in July to see how the sales are doing and to decide what crops need to be planted next.


We are proud to be featured in the Jewish Chronicle Newspaper UK publication!