Thank you for your help with the building needs of Putti Village.

When you donate to the building fund, your money goes directly to paying for the various building projects that the people of Putti Village are saving towards or currently working on. Below are some of the projects that your donations are going towards:

The Shabbat Sleepover House:


ShabbatSome Putti Jews live too far away from the village itself, but still wish to pray at the synagogue located within the village. To enable them to observe Shabbat and to comply with Jewish Law, they need a place to rest and sleep during the Shabbat period without needing to use transport to get from place to place.

Putti Village Assistance Organization (PVAO) has therefore set up a fund in order to build a “Shabbat Sleepover House”… The building is currently underway.

We urgently need to buy more bricks in order to create more sleeping areas. Can you help us achieve this goal? Our aim is to raise $5,000 for this important project. By donating just $25, you will donate 100 bricks! PVAO thanks you for taking the time and trouble of contributing in any way you can.


The charity Innovation Africa  kindly donated the funds to enable Putti to buy new mattresses for our Shabbat House. From the smiles on the Putti’s faces, you’ll see they are thrilled to receive them. Having mattresses means that the visitors that have just arrived in the village, from Kenya,  have a place to sleep!


This picture is showing a mattresses being installed in the House, so that visitors and Puttis alike, have a comfortable place to sleep. In total 14 mattresses were bought for the House

Mattresses being installed in the Shabbat House

For more information on the Shabbat House please read our blog here.

More pictures and information is coming soon!

We have set up a non for profit bank account with TD Bank. All online donations are processed securely through PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Putti Village Assistance Organization (or simply PVAO). Checks should be mailed to:

Putti Village Assistance Organization
251 Tall Pines Drive,
West Chester, PA 19380, USA

To make your donation, please click on one of the below PVAO-Fund-Buttons:

Thank you for your donation!