Thank you for your help with the medical needs of Putti Village.

When you donate to the medical fund, your money goes directly to paying medical bills, buying medicine and ensuring the well being of several members of the Putti Village community. Below are some of the people will benefit from your donations:


Your Help Is Needed for Sinyanga Galandi.

SINYANGA GalandiSinyanga Galandi is a 6 year old boy with deformed legs who is currently only able to stand upright using crutches to support him.

After examining Sinyanga last week, the orthopedic surgeon, in the nearly Mbale hospital said

” From what I observed……he can be fine as well”
As the child is in great pain, the surgeon recommended that treatment should be carried out with delay.
PVAO are linking up with a spinal surgeon in USA who will work closely with the Mbale hospital doctors to obtain best possible outcome for the young boy.
Please help us to help Sinyanga by donating today. Please see bottom of page for different ways to submit your donation.

*Update: We need to raise $250 so we can buy Sinyanga a wheelchair per his doctor’s recommendation – Thank you for your help so far!


Help For Zeldah was received!

Zeldah is 45 years old, she has a husband and 8 wonderful children. Zeldah, a respected and much loved member of her Community, and her family are practicing Jews. Her doctor said she urgently needed an MRI scan in order to make a correct diagnosis. She was experiencing tremendous, sometimes unbearable, stomach and back pain and was severely unwell for some weeks. UPDATE: an anonymous donor graciously donated the amount for Zeldah’s medical needs!

Thank you to the anonymous donor who covered the cost of Zeldah treatment!!


Dental Needs for Putti

Dental care within the KKSY Putti Community has always been an enormous problem. There are no affordable local dentists in this region.The Puttis seem to have no knowledge of dental hygiene whatsoever, meaning, if they have untreated gum disease or tooth decay, it is  likely to lead to much more dangerous symptoms. PVAO are aiming to raise $400 more to help our Medical Program which covers dental care.

An American Dentist, David Abramovitch, traveling with some dentist colleagues, visits this region (Mbale region of Uganda) about three times a year. Thus far, he has not manage to treat any KKSY/Putti patients, due to the location and transport difficulties. It is now hoped that when David and his Team, who were treating up to 70 patients a day, return to Uganda, PVAO will arrange for some more of the KKSY Putti members to get dental treatment.

*If you can help and would like to donate to this worthy cause, please click the medical fund link below.


More pictures and information is coming soon!


We have set up a non for profit bank account with TD Bank. All online donations are processed securely through PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Putti Village Assistance Organization (or simply PVAO). Checks should be mailed to:

Putti Village Assistance Organization
710 Windsor Lane,
KeyWest, FL.  33040, USA

*Important to note, PVAO sends your donation in full to the KKSY Putti Community, they do not deduct any admin charges.

To make your donation, please click on one of the below PVAO-Fund-Buttons:

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