Thank you for your help with the medical needs of Putti Village.

When you donate to the medical fund, your money goes directly to paying medical bills, buying medicine and ensuring the well being of several members of the Putti Village community. Below are some of the people that are benefiting from your donations:

Akiva and Other Children of Putti Village:

Akiva and friends

Akiva is 3 years old. He has not started schooling due to his sickle cell afflictions. Every morning, when his friends leave for school he cries for them because he can’t join them.

When Akiva is feeling well, he sometimes tries to play soccer with friends, which he loves. After playing, his joints get swollen and become painful, but every time he feels some how fine, he goes back to play with friends. He also loves to paint and can really excel at art in the future.

The ongoing cost of his treatment will is about $150 per month. Thanks to the compassionate heart of a single individual, Akiva’s monthly medical needs are being financed, but there are many other children with similar medical needs that need your help. Please consider either a one time donation, or a monthly commitment. You can really make a difference in these children’s lives. Thanks to Akiva’s medical treatments, his quality of life is much improved, here is a message from his father: “The medicines are good and their doing well to my son Akiva. Thank for you for the help. I think when he have continuous medicine, it will be helpful to him.” -Moshe.


A letter from Akiva’s Father:


I hope you are all doing better. I am always happy with all help given to me and my family and as Akiva’s healthy care project. I can’t stop thanking  you and Tarphon for coming up with this help. I am glad to tell you that ever since we started treatment, Akiva now lives happily and not too sickly as he used to be before we lacked the treatment support. He is now under doctor monitoring and medications. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks for three months support you sent to us, we received them and paid  to doctor. I also want to remind you we will need money. The doctor reminded me that three months payment is over. I hope Tarphon will give you more details. 

Thank you so much for helping my son and the entire putti village. 

Moshe and Family.

Right now our goal is to raise $2,000 to help children like Akiva receive the medicare they need to live happy, productive lives. Click the medical fund button below to become a monthly donor or to give a one time gift – Thank you!

More pictures and information is coming soon!


We have set up a non for profit bank account with TD Bank. All online donations are processed securely through PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Putti Village Assistance Organization (or simply PVAO). Checks should be mailed to:

Putti Village Assistance Organization
251 Tall Pines Drive,
West Chester, PA 19380, USA

To make your donation, please click on one of the below PVAO-Fund-Buttons:

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