Dental Care and Putti

Dental Relief for Putti

Dental care within the KKSY Putti Community has always been an enormous problem. There are no affordable local dentists in this region. A few

Sjimon den Hollander and David Abramovitch

days ago, Sjimon den Hollander (Chairman) and Ros Eisen (Secretary) both representing the PVAO Charity, by chance, met up with David Abramovitch, who had two dentist colleagues traveling with him. They were here to treat Jewish Community members located in and around the Mbale region of Uganda. David visits this region about three times a year, but thus far, he did not manage to treat any KKSY/Putti patients, due to the location and transport difficulties.

Sjimon and Ros set about asking the Puttis if anyone had dental problems – the answer was yes, in fact two students had been experiencing really bad dental pain for quite some time. Sjimon and Ros arranged for the KKSY Puttis, including the two students, to be sent, together with another vehicle load of Puttis, to David’s clinic. They were accompanied by Jonathan Lali who is in charge of working with PVAO with the aim of helping them to receive medical treatment.
The PVAO driver set off at 7:00am to ensure the patients could arrived at the Dental Clinic first. Unfortunately, David had to unexpectedly return to the US, due to his own medical problems. However, the other two American dentists remained. They were joined by two local dentists, who had, we believe, also volunteered their time and services. The dentists saw all of the KKSY/ Putti patients. One of whom needed an extraction, and the others who all had less severe problems, mainly cavities and were treated accordingly. If patients were prescribed post treatment medication, (painkillers and antibiotics, for example), PVAO arranged for the drugs to be purchased at a local pharmacy and given to the patients. It is now hoped that when David and his Team, who were treating up to 70 patients a day, return to Uganda, PVAO will arrange for some more of the KKSY Putti members to get dental treatment.
The Puttis seem to have no knowledge of dental hygiene whatsoever, meaning, if they have untreated gum disease or tooth decay, it is  likely to lead to much more dangerous symptoms. PVAO are aiming to raise more money to help our Medical Program which covers dental care. We need to raise $400
*If you can help and would like to donate to this worthy cause, please click the link below. You can alternatively post a check directly to Sjimon den Hollander, Chairman PVAO. An official receipt will follow shortly. PVAO is a USA Registered Charity
*Important to note, PVAO sends your donation in full to the KKSY Putti Community, they do not deduct any admin charges.