Congratulations to Katula Avaran!

In 2016, you helped fund the education of Katula Avaram, who was studying to become a layer. He has since graduated and is now studying for his bar, this is the last piece of his education. Below is a letter that we recently received from him, updating us on his progress.

A letter from Katula Avaram:

“I am almost completing the study as next month on 28 June this year I am finishing with the theory part. Then I remain with internship. which will run for three month that will run till October this year of this 2018. On returning to Uganda it is an obvious case as I am to serve my community and my country. Per now after graduation next year I will be an international arbitrator and meditator as its one of the core units in the bar course am doing. I thank PVAO board for what they have done for me to have reached this step now. After this course am ready to give back to community via service delivery and many more than may need me. Thanks.”  Katula Avaran // Legal advisor // KKSY