Good News For Our U.K. Donors

As of this week, for the first time, residents of United Kingdom who wish to donate to our charity, can now claim Tax Relief on their donations providing they donate via Achisomoch 


U.K. donors need to set up an account with Achisomoch so they can then deposit money into it. Once the funds are deposited, they can start to donate to any of the many charities set up with them, of course including ours, Putti Village Assistance Organization.


Donating via the Achisomoch route, is suggested to people who are considering larger sums, or, giving on a regular basis.
Smaller donors may still prefer to donate on our own website via Pay Pay or contact Ros Eisen PVAO secretary, for alternatives..


No matter which way you donate, all of the money Putti Village Assistance Org receives will go to the KKSY Putti Community.
Thank you for your continued support!


KKSY Giving a Helping Hand

“Behalf of the Buseta community”

Firstly and foremost, it is like a miracle to earn 6millions in our community, the profit we made from Agriculture we bought school needs for our children and students, other money has been shared among the community members who participated in project, little has been saved  and every one is happy about this project.
Secondly,KKSY and WORLD JEWISH RELIEF are showing us development and bright future because we couldn’t believe to such profit we made from Agriculture.
Thirdly, KKSY is a real ,loving and religious community to corparate with, it  looks after other communities for development and they are not opportunist community . we as  buseta Jewish community we believe in KKSY and we would love to subscribe to it.
special thanks to  Ekaterina and every party involved in supporting my community.
Joseph Takani.

Breaking news!!

Big Congratulations!!


To the PVAO chairman Sjimon den Hollander on becoming a Rabbi.

The PVAO members their family and friends together with members of the KKSY Community are delighted to hear of this truly wonderful achievement. rabbi Sjimon is an inspiration to all who know him.

To KKSY Chairman and his wife Ruth  have a new addition!

A bouncing baby boy was born July 31 2018, PVAO send their congratulations to the whole family and community. Mazel Tov


To Dahlyt and Kase (PVAO members) also have a new addition!

Congrats on the recent safe arrival of their second child, a 9lbs beautiful baby daughter Zeyana Miriam Baluka Kase-BerezinBahr.

KKSY give a helping hand to the Ugandan Jewish communities of Busete and Nalubebe

The Partnership

   The community of Busete numbering 130 people, and the community of Nalubebe numbering 100 people, have been given a helping hand. Through World Jewish Relief’s  (Wjr) efforts and with the help of the KKSY Leaders, KKSY are partnering up with both of these very poor, little known Jewish communities, who are located about 30 minutes by road from one another.


Thus far, the partnering is mainly focused on agriculture.

   KKSY are helping these people by showing them some modern agriculture training techniques.
Currently these two communities, like that of KKSY, have successfully been growing water melons.
Erisha Ziraba is head of the KKSY agriculture project.


In the near future, both Busete and Nalubebe will learn how to also grow green peppers.

   There seems to be a good nearby market for these locally grown water melons and green peppers.
KKSY have managed to sell everything they grew this season, as they did in the two growing seasons previously.  The unexpected very heavy rains, earlier in the year, played havoc with the planting but even in spite of this, KKSY harvested fairly good sized crops.
   All the communities now need to learn how to direct heavy rain water into drains, then vessels that can be stored, so that when the dry season comes, they will be able to access this water and use it for irrigation purposes.


Always under the watchful eye of Wjr, their future looks really promising.

   Busete and Nalubebe are Jewish communities who have reached out to the KKSY Sephardi community and have asked to be included in their orthodox practices. It is even hoped that one day, they might become part of the KKSY orthodox community itself.
Kamya Tarphon, the Chairman of KKSY today said, “It is all looking very positive, I think we shall become one big community as we are empowering ourselves economically and religiously.”



KKSY farmers showing that hard work really pays off!!

Amazing bumper crop of  green peppers, ready to go to market!

A Successful Trip to Rwanda

Elisha, KKSY Head of the Agriculture Project and Kamya Tarphon the KKSY Chairman, travelled to Rwanda few days ago in order to meet up with Ekaterina Mitiaev from World Jewish Relief. They went there in order to see how the Wjr Project in Rwanda is being run and to learn more about agriculture from them. Below is a letter about the successful trip.
“Our Rwanda trip was successful, we went and came back safely Baruch Hashem (Thank God)
While at Rwanda we had field  tour of Rwanda agricultural project where we learned new style/method of growing tomatoes and water collection which will be implemented to our Uganda project as well, we had a work shop with farmers from Eastern province of Rwanda where by we learned from them and them from us as well and of course all this conducted by Ekaterina.  We also visited the offices of the NGO running the projects in Rwanda and everything was amazing, we were inspired how organized their office is and the structure of the organization in place , we learned about Data collection, we had discussion with education department etc . well they seem to be far away in terms development in their organization which has inspired us to work hard at list get to their standard.
We also had a dinner with Ekaterina’s visitors , where by we narrated the abayudaya history and spoke about KKSY community and how the project is changing the lives of people.”
Love you all.

Tarphon (on right) KKSY Chairman and Erisha (on left) Head of KKSY agriculture
with head of Rwanda Wjr project in the centre.

KKSY Soccer Team

All your support is needed!

Now KKSY – Jewish Community has a strong football team! They have been invited to participate in Mbale municipality football challenge!
” As yet we don’t have a permanent field to play on, we train whenever we find there is space for us. We are playing different teams. KKSY has been chosen as the best Abayudaya team. Erisha and I were invited to speak on a radio sport show, we talked about our community, we had really good comments from the public. We have two uniforms, one blue and one green. Our captain is Segendo Avrahm. We are playing against Mbale hi5, Nkoma f.c and Mbale Progressive and Islamic university of Uganda f.c. (f.c. = football club). If anyone can offer us some help it would mean so much. We urgently need training and additional equipment like footballs, football shoes, whistles, goal nets. We need to have use of an established football field facility. Our aim is to give our youth the opportunity to play and compete. In the Jewish communities (Abayudaya), we are the first to establish a football team.”
-Tarphon the KKSY Chairman
Anyone that can help should contact PVAO or, donate directly on line via marking their donation as Football aid.

Congratulations to Katula Avaran!

In 2016, you helped fund the education of Katula Avaram, who was studying to become a layer. He has since graduated and is now studying for his bar, this is the last piece of his education. Below is a letter that we recently received from him, updating us on his progress.

A letter from Katula Avaram:

“I am almost completing the study as next month on 28 June this year I am finishing with the theory part. Then I remain with internship. which will run for three month that will run till October this year of this 2018. On returning to Uganda it is an obvious case as I am to serve my community and my country. Per now after graduation next year I will be an international arbitrator and meditator as its one of the core units in the bar course am doing. I thank PVAO board for what they have done for me to have reached this step now. After this course am ready to give back to community via service delivery and many more than may need me. Thanks.”  Katula Avaran // Legal advisor // KKSY

Your Help for Sinyanga Galandi was received!

Thank you for your support!

In February 2018, we received information about a young boy needing medical assistance. 6 year old, Sinyanga Galandi, has deformed legs and was only able to stand upright using crutches to support him.

After examining Sinyanga last week, the orthopedic surgeon, in the nearby Mbale hospital said  ” From what I observed……he can be fine as well”.  As the child was in great pain, the surgeon recommended that treatment should be carried out with delay.  PVAO was linking up with a spinal surgeon in USA who will work closely with the Mbale hospital doctors to obtain best possible outcome for the young boy. – We aimed to raise $600 for the treatment.

Since publishing the appeal, a donor provided the funds to buy Sinyanga a wheelchair! – Over the next few months he will receive more medical aid. It is hoped that he will eventually be able to walk unaided.

Update: Sinyanya can now stand without support of the wheelchair! There is noticeable change that he will be able to walk without crutches.

To donate to causes such as this, check out our donate page.

*Important to note, PVAO sends your donation in full to the KKSY Putti Community, they do not deduct any admin charges.


Life at JOY Secondary School

Here a lovely photo of the Jewish class that our Secondary School students enjoy at the JOY Secondary School.

Michael and Elisha regularly teach there.
Right now they are concentrating on the topic of the upcoming holiday of Pesach (Passover).
It is so wonderful that we have this facility at JOY that our youth can receive a Jewish education, thanks to Head Master Richard Olupot!
At the same time we plan to further train the teachers and community leaders, starting after Passover, by means of a weekly internet-based course on Jewish laws and rituals, based on the Sephardi tradition. We will use the Rabbi Pinchas Toledano’s Fountain of Blessings, Code of Jewish Law.