A Successful Trip to Rwanda

Elisha, KKSY Head of the Agriculture Project and Kamya Tarphon the KKSY Chairman, travelled to Rwanda few days ago in order to meet up with Ekaterina Mitiaev from World Jewish Relief. They went there in order to see how the Wjr Project in Rwanda is being run and to learn more about agriculture from them. Below is a letter about the successful trip.
“Our Rwanda trip was successful, we went and came back safely Baruch Hashem (Thank God)
While at Rwanda we had field  tour of Rwanda agricultural project where we learned new style/method of growing tomatoes and water collection which will be implemented to our Uganda project as well, we had a work shop with farmers from Eastern province of Rwanda where by we learned from them and them from us as well and of course all this conducted by Ekaterina.  We also visited the offices of the NGO running the projects in Rwanda and everything was amazing, we were inspired how organized their office is and the structure of the organization in place , we learned about Data collection, we had discussion with education department etc . well they seem to be far away in terms development in their organization which has inspired us to work hard at list get to their standard.
We also had a dinner with Ekaterina’s visitors , where by we narrated the abayudaya history and spoke about KKSY community and how the project is changing the lives of people.”
Love you all.

Tarphon (on right) KKSY Chairman and Erisha (on left) Head of KKSY agriculture
with head of Rwanda Wjr project in the centre.