A Hebrew Class at KKSY

During her recent very hectic week visiting the KKSY Community, Ekaterina Mitiaev from World Jewish Relief, took time off  in order to give some of KKSY members in class in Hebrew. Since Ekaterina spent considerable time living in Israel, she was ideally suited to hold this impromptu class, in which she taught students the basics of how to greet one another in Hebrew and how to respond in Hebrew. The students were very eager to learn and each played a part in being both the ‘greeter’ then the ‘responder’. KKSY regularly receive visitors from Israel, so Ekaterina thought how nice it would be if at least some the KKSY members, knew how to converse in basic Hebrew with them, even only in a limited way. KKSY  is now eagerly awaiting for their next visitors from Israel to arrive, so they can put into practice what they learnt.