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Blessings of Arrival – Blessings of Rain

Here much have been lectured about the miracle of Purim by many different, Rabbis. We have been answering and revising questions about the upcoming festival of Purim. We are glad to inform you that all this work has been done in Hebrew. Thanks to Rav Menachem Weinberg. We are looking forward to finishing more text about the complicated verses in the Megilah by Rav Yair Spitz next week. I am very anxious to know the fact King Ahushverosh knew that Esther was Jewish, that is why he chose for a queen. Rav, I can’t wait long to learn that.

Rain DropsWe have a belief in Uganda that when a visitor comes into one’s home and eventually it rains, it is a sign that the visitor has come with a blessing to one’s home. Therefore, the host becomes very happy for the visitor. Now, Rabbi Riskin told us that Moshe and I are blessing to the Yeshiva and  Israel as a whole because our coming resulted into snow which has not occurred  in the past few months. We are thus very grateful. Although this snow has hindered us from traveling to Sfat North of Israel to meet a friend who has invited us for many times since we came, we like it very much. We are so excited!

It is very amazing to meet someone from the same village in a strange country. Last week two friends here, who had been to our village four years ago, abruptly visited us at our Caravan. We had fun together by playing old songs that we sung while they were in Putti. It was such a funny day.

Thank you so much to you all for helping us have this kind of experience in our lives which I pray that everyone in our village should have a chance. Moshe and I are very thankful. Thanks to Rabbi Riskin’s wife Vicky for constantly providing us with warm clothes and shoes. We would not withstand this coldness without your help. I wish you all a happy Purim Festival. It is good to drink but avoid getting very drunk on Purim for you may end up doing bad things.