Welcome to the home of Putti Village, Uganda, a community comprised of some 1,500 people, with approximately equal numbers of villagers practicing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Putti Village Assistance Organization (PVAO) is working closely with all the inhabitants of Putti Village to promote a sustainable community that empowers its children, women, and men by ensuring their access to food, education, and ecological sustainability so that they may pursue the dreams they have for today and for future generations to come.

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  • Read about the history of the Abayudaya – comprising a third of Putti Village is this unique Orthodox Jewish congregation in Eastern Uganda.

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Putti’s Newest Addition

PVAO are thrilled to announce the birth of baby Noam! Mazel Tov to Peretz and Winnie, on the safe arrival of their beautiful son, the youngest member of the ever growing KKSY Community, born on November 18th, 2017. The circumcision itself (pictured below) was performed by Moshe Walyembe, a member of KKSY-Putti Community. This newborn boy is […]

Sukkah Built by KKSY Puttis

What is a Sukkah Each year, when the harvest season in the Holy Land is at its end, Jews all over the world will move out of their houses to dwell in makeshift structures for seven days. This happens during the week-long holiday of Sukkot (aka Festival of Booths, aka Festival of Tabernacles). Here is […]

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ALL profits raised by PVAO from the calendar sales, go to support the Putti Education Project. This money enables students to go to private schools in order to achieve their maximum potential.

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